Power Apps : Clear Date, Person, Choice, Managed Metadata field values in edit form of SharePoint List/Library

SharePoint sometimes surprisingly lacks very basic operations like clearing up a choice, date and other lookup fields in the edit form. By default, when you edit an item using a power apps customised form, the values of the special fields like date, choice , managed metadata, person or group field etc cannot be cleared. If you remove the value from the input control and save the item, the old value will still persist. This post is about a simple technique using powerapps to clear the values of any special field in SharePoint.

Single Sign On in Office 365-SharePoint Online by bypassing Home Realm Discovery page

This blog explains techniques to acheive single sign on in your office 365 tenant by bypassing Office 365 Home realm discovery(a.k.a HRD--> https://login.microsoftonline.com ) page.If your Office 365 setup does not have the following setup then this blog does not apply to you: AAD with Federated identity with third party Identity provider such as ADFS/CA … Continue reading Single Sign On in Office 365-SharePoint Online by bypassing Home Realm Discovery page

SharePoint Online Set a site collection as Read Only

There are many different business scenarios when we want to set a SharePoint site collection as read-only mode (as shown in above screenshot) to prevent any further addition/modification of content but simultaneously to make the existing content available to the users. Using SharePoint Online Management Shell Set-SPOSite -Identity "<SiteURL>" -LockState "ReadOnly" Read more about other … Continue reading SharePoint Online Set a site collection as Read Only

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams? Back in November 2016 , Microsoft announced  "Microsoft Teams"- a chat based work space which comes free with your Office 365 subscription. It's a lot like Slack and is designed to work across multiple platforms (windows desktop, Mac OS, mobile apps for Android ,ios and no mobile app for windows phone yet … Continue reading Introduction to Microsoft Teams

SharePoint Online Migration

Every organization intranet and every product are slowly moving to cloud platform. SharePoint is no different and have better features in its cloud platform( SharePoint on steroids 🙂 )  than on-premise version. This blog will provide some key things which can help you in defining a cloud strategy for your SharePoint investments. Part 1 - Assess your … Continue reading SharePoint Online Migration