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Hey there, my name is Unnikannan Ayilliath (Unnie 🙂 ). I am a tech enthusiast, working as Software Specialist at an International Organisation.

Wish list

Travel to Antarctica

Road trip from London to my home in Kerala (South of India) .. Hippie trail

Watch Live a FIFA world cup match

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3 responses to “About Me”

  1. Hello,
    I am wondering if you managed to solve the issue described in you post http://sharepoint.stackexchange.com/q/162790 but having no answer?
    I have exactly the same issue: userdisp.aspx redirection fails for FBA users (even if they have a personal site) but works fine for AD users.
    Many thanks

    1. Hey Catherine,
      We had to open a Microsoft ticket for this. This bug was introduced after September 2015 CU was installed. Microsoft did not release any hotfix for this, but informed that this will be fixed in February 2016 CU. I have not yet installed Feb CU , so don’t know exactly whether they released the fix or not.
      I have put my Update into the original question as well. Thanks for reminding me . Cheers !

      1. Hi Unnie,
        many thanks for your answer.
        So I think I will try the CU.

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