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Limitation of OOTB “E-mail Users” functionality in SharePoint group- Too many e-mail addresses were selected

SharePoint provides OOTB functionality to email selected users from any SharePoint Group. You can go to any SharePoint group and select the users and click Actions — > Email Users.



The email users functionality will not work , if you select large number of users .It will show a message “Too many e-mail addresses were selected“.

Below is the  inbuilt JavaScript method called when you click on Email Users.

function BtnEmailClick(viewId)


var emails = GetSelectedUsers(viewId, "email", ";");

if (emails.length == 0)



return false;


emails = "mailto:" + escapeProperly(emails);

if (emails.length > 2083)



return false;


window.location = emails;

return false;


There is no fixed number limit on the number of users  selected, but it depends on the total characters of user emails selected.You can see there is a validation performed that total length of emails should not exceed 2083 , because maximum URL length is 2083 in almost all browsers.See the Microsoft Knowledge base article.


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