Working with TypeScript & SharePoint 2013

Skip the blog and jump to code here I am about to develop a new application on SharePoint 2013 and for a while I have not worked on 2013 platform. The application will essentially have a bunch of client side web-parts using Content Editor Webpart of SharePoint 2013. I have been working on Typescript with … Continue reading Working with TypeScript & SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Online Set a site collection as Read Only

There are many different business scenarios when we want to set a SharePoint site collection as read-only mode (as shown in above screenshot) to prevent any further addition/modification of content but simultaneously to make the existing content available to the users. In SharePoint on-premise, this was primarily done via central administration or using powershell. But … Continue reading SharePoint Online Set a site collection as Read Only

Quick guide to basics of Microsoft Graph API

What is Microsoft Graph? Microsoft Graph is a REST API endpoint exposed via It provides a unified access endpoint to all the data, office graph intelligence and insights available inside your Office 365 tenant. If you are familiar with Facebook's Graph API you can consider this as Office 365 version of that. Wait, but Office … Continue reading Quick guide to basics of Microsoft Graph API

Preparing for SharePoint Online migration

SharePoint product has had a very drastic transition over the past few years. Many features are deprecated and many solution practices which we used to follow are no more supported. So this blog will give you details of the things to watch out for or to be remediated before you move into cloud. No farm solutions  … Continue reading Preparing for SharePoint Online migration

SharePoint Online Migration

Every organization intranet and every product are slowly moving to cloud platform. SharePoint is no different and have better features in its cloud platform( SharePoint on steroids 🙂 )  than on-premise version. This blog will provide some key things which can help you in defining a cloud strategy for your SharePoint investments. Part 1 - Assess your … Continue reading SharePoint Online Migration

SharePoint 2016 Migration

New SharePoint version is always exciting with new features and better interfaces , but also equally stressful considering we have to move all our data from current version to the new version. Below are some basic information about migration to SharePoint 2016. No direct migration path from 2007, 2010 to 2016:     If you are … Continue reading SharePoint 2016 Migration

Make your SharePoint sites responsive without custom master page

One of the common things in most of the applications build on SharePoint is to have a custom master page. The custom master page is build mainly to apply the branding of the company/ product and to have a good responsive design.But since the formation  of PnP community and SharePoint 2016 announcement things are going to … Continue reading Make your SharePoint sites responsive without custom master page